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Aaron Winsor Lehman along with my Broker Dealer, Beaconsfield Financial, makes available products and services, including:


     *  Stocks

     *  Mutual Funds

     *  Annuities:  Variable and Fixed

     *  Guaranteed Life Time Income

     *  Roth and Traditional IRA's

     *  Rollover IRA's

     *  Simple IRA's

     *  401K Plans, Pension and Profit Sharing Plans

     *  529 Plans for College Education

     *  Cash Management Accounts

     *  Tax Free Municipal Bonds

     *  Corporate Bonds

     *  Life Insurance

     *  Portfolio Management

     *  Gas Well Drilling Programs

     *  U.S. Treasury Securities

     *  Unit Investment Trusts

     *  Zero-Coupon Bonds

A strong portfolio is built on a sound foundation.  Long the cornerstone

on any financial plan, insurance is an invaluable means to protect

your heirs and assets in the future while building an investment

portfolio today.  Working with your stated objectives and goals,

we have the expertise and resources at A. W. Lehman Financial

to direct your invesment strategies.


Beaconsfield Financial Services, Inc. is a member of FINRA and SIPC 

*** Orders submitted to us by e-mail or by any other electronic

means will not be regarded and will not be acted upon.

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